Shoot the Cameraman – New creation 19/20

“At the crossroads of both worlds, the instinctive and the spontaneity of live performance blend with the possibilities of the 7th art.”

How? By bringing together a director /cameraman and live dancers. This will give the viewer a permanent double reading of the piece by offering him the opportunity to attend both a live performance happening on stage and one happening on screen simultaneously. One of the goals of this undertaking will be, amongst others, to play with the audience’s perspectives, for example, by changing their perception of what is taking place on stage with a screen that will broadcast the same live action but from different angles. Seeing is interactive, personal and supposedly unfalsifiable! The problem is that a cameraman’s framing may be as small as a press release by the censorship office of the Stasi of the former GDR.


“An immersion into the world of spirituality”

« With my eyes » is As We Are’s second piece, in which both dancers are involved, Baptiste as choreographer and Catarina as solo dancer. The creation is support by the Luxemburgish choreographic center (TROIS C-L) and was part of “Les émergences -volume 4″ from the 3rd – 6th of May 2017 at Banannefabrik.


With my eyes follows a young woman torn by the choices she must take to fully live out her spiritual life. In order to find meaning in her life, she turns to traditional beliefs, leading her to experience a strong collective adventure. Nevertheless, feelings of distance and doubt gradually envelop and overwhelm her. Through various experiences and sometimes painful, sometimes mystical attempts, will she free herself from the judgments and codes imposed by this group in order to find her own spiritual path?


“A piece thought and created
as a pyramid”

« As you want » is As We Are’s first piece, created and danced by both Baptiste and Catarina. The creation is support by the Luxemburgish choreographic center (TROIS C-L) and was presented as part of  “Les émergences -volume 3″ from the 27th-30th of April 2016 at Banannefabrik, Luxembourg.


‘As you want’ – a piece conceived and created as a pyramid.

Firsty, a powerful and universal foundation consisting of history common to every living being on this planet. This shared common history makes us all similar.

Then comes the center of the construction, recounting the same story but in different ways, according to the narrator. Our differences become clear through the body and through speech. This freedom in interpretation makes us immediately more unique.

The piece ends with an imposing summit that could only be crossed by the ‘Future’, specifically the temporary end of our creation. This is the story of the two main characters who are highlighted. A man, a woman and their personal pathways which have led them to meet at the top of this gigantic adventure.

This duet was created to remind us that we all come from the same place. However, our life experiences shape us, making us unique, making us the individuals we are. And one day, we may meet each other, become attracted,  fall in love or we may just fall off the deep end.



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