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Here are projects in which AWA’s dancers have performed:

“Quantum”, Cie Gilles Jobin, 2013, CH

“Deuses e Demonios”, Benvindo da Fonseca, 2015, PT

“We are we”, Jill Crovisier, 2015, LU

“One night stand”, Saeed Hani, 2016, DE/SY

“Mood(s)”, Anu Sistonen, 2016, LU/FI

“Fury”, Sarah Baltzinger, 2017, FR

“Art.13”, Sandy Flinto & Pierrick Grobéty, 2017, IT/CH

“A Line Supreme”, Andrea Rama, 2018, AL

“DRIVEN”, Jean-Guillaume Weis, 2018, LU

“The Ephemeral life of an octopus”, Léa Tirabasso, 2018, FR

“Voir la feuille à l’envers”, Renelde Pierlot, 2019, LU/BE

“Until you fall”, Giovanni Zazzera, 2019, LU/IT



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